Microsoft is putting the pressure on Google with a number of plans including its recent acquisition of internet marketing company aQuantive.

According to Search Engine Land, aside from Microsoft lobbying against Google’s merger with DoubleClick it states that there have been reports that aQuantive’s former chief executive has hinted at an intent to "defeat Google" on ad revenue strategies.

The website reports that pieces appearing in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal have focussed on Brian McAndrews plans to remove online advertising from searches in a system he calls "conversion attribution"

The system, Mr McAndrew claims, tracks areas where online consumers notice advertisements and provides clients with a more in-depth view of how potential customers get to them.

He adds that search engines do not deserve credit for directing potential customers to company websites and states that often people look for company names rather than services – he suggests that this isn’ t very different at guessing a company’s URL.

Google’s attempts to secure a merger with DoubleClick have been under fire from a number of groups, including Microsoft, who claim the acquisition would lead to an online advertising monopoly.

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