Multilingual SEM - Tips and TricksThe UK economy is in a nosedive, and more and more companies are becoming aware of the ever-growing market in China. However, Google has moved its servers outside of China, which has resulted in the search giant’s market share slipping to under 20% of Chinese searchers.

So, how do you access those who might be interested in your products and services?

Firstly, you need someone who is fluent in Chinese and is running a Chinese version of a browser. Baidu, the biggest search engine, does not even offer a Google Translate option, leaving you staring at a screen full of squares! The only thing in English is the About Baidu page which has comprehensive investor information – think about that approach….the existence of only that section in English clearly indicates the slant of the interest that Baidu has in the English-speaking world! Sina does offer an English version with plenty of news, but the search facility redirects to Google.

This week, a new search engine, Panguso, has been launched which filters the results according to the Chinese government’s guidelines. The pictures and video “recommended links” sections give an interesting insight into Chinese culture, which is also an essential for any company wishing to market to the Chinese.

As companies around the world gear up to access the Chinese market, it is worth considering the value of getting an SEO expert with Chinese as a first language to help you out. We are likely to see more search engines coming into being, and in these weeks that show what social media, mobile communications and the Internet can do for revolution, it is possible that eventually the Great Firewall of China may need to give a little to let in that all important external Western market.

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