Display Advertising

UK digital advertising spend grew by 14% in 2014 to achieve £7.2 billion, some 32% of that, or £2.2 billion, was spent on online display advertising. As display advertising experts, we want our clients to benefit from that share, and with our years of expertise and on-going training in display and banner ads, we can help you form the right display advertising strategy for your brand.

Google Display Network (GDN)

The Google Display Network (GDN) enables companies and brands to place their display adverts across a wide network of websites, news sites, blogs and niche sites. Through the GDN you can target what sites, when and where your banner ad or text ad displays, to better serve your customer demographic and help you capture potential customers earlier in the buying process.

Advertising via the GDN is important for raising brand awareness and soliciting a direct response from potential leads. We will provide you with the support you need to spread your budget effectively, and help you to accurately monitor your online advertising campaigns with our extensive knowledge of the Google Display Network.

Google Display Advertising Management

Our team of paid search experts can help you decide on the most appropriate GDN strategy. Pulling on our years of experience, we will carry out extensive research to identify the best targeting methods relevant to your brand and customer demographic.

We will build your campaign around:

  • Context
  • Keywords
  • Interest
  • Topic
  • Demographics

We will continually assess your display advertising CPC and budget allocation to ensure optimum performance, and provide you with transparent reporting via Kenshoo and Google Analytics.

If you don’t have the time or resources to produce banner ads then our experienced web design team can help you create attractive banner ads tailored to your core brand message.

YouTube Video Advertising

YouTube is now considered to be the world’s second largest search engine. It processes more than 3 billion searches a month, attracts 1 billion unique visitors per month, and mobile makes up more than 25% of its global watch time.

Our digital display advertising specialists have followed the rise of YouTube and are at hand to offer expert advice on how to optimise your marketing message through online video advertising, and what networks are best suited to your online advertising message: YouTube Video, GDN or YouTube Search.

As with GDN, we will build your campaign around context, keywords, interest, topic and demographics to provide a tailored digital advertising campaign.

We can advise on what video formats you should consider: pre-roll, in search results or in related video sections, and offer advice on in-stream and in-display targeting options. Via our Content Assets services our video content specialists can even create video content for you.

What’s more, our service doesn’t end once your campaign is up and running. We will continue to advise you on placement management and negative research, CPCs and budget allocation, and provide analysis through Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

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