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Mobile advertising is growing. Don’t miss out.

Business advertising has always been about finding the right customers in the right places. With mobile marketing, we make it easy for customers to find you.

Mobile marketing – what you need to know:

  • More than 23% of the UK have visited retail sites on their mobiles – the highest in Europe [1]
  • 59% of UK consumers say ‘they couldn’t live without their mobile’ [2]
  • UK mobile data usage rose 60% from 2011-2012 [1]
  • UK customers spend £1,083 a year shopping online (£250 more than second place Australia) [1]
  • Mobile internet use in the UK has now overtaken Japan [1]
  • 60% of UK phone owners have an Internet-enabled smartphone [1]
  • The UK has a higher tablet penetration than the US or South Korea [2] at 35%
  • More than 15% of Google search traffic now comes from mobile [3]
  • Mobile ads get 4% higher click through rates than desktop [4]
  • Mobile advertising click costs are 40% lower than desktop [4]

Smaller. Faster. More convenient. It’s no wonder mobile internet use is soaring. It’s risen five-fold in the past two years, and, by 2015, more people in the UK will have a mobile-enabled smartphone than a desktop PC.

Nearly 75% of mobile searches result in an action within an hour, and they now account for 15% of Google’s total search traffic.

A fearsome bunch.

Alexander Bartholomew, Dunelm Mill

With more and more people using smartphones and tablets to access the Internet, mobile marketing isn’t just an opportunity – it’s a necessity.

If your website advertising isn’t going anywhere, mobile marketing services from ClickThrough could help.

As a mobile marketing agency, ClickThrough boasts a full team of Google-qualified experts with a wealth of online experience. All our mobile media services are tied closely to your business advertising goals – and we have a track record of proven success in every UK industry.

Whether you want to increase conversions, leads or sales, boost your visibility, or engage with new customers just when they need you, mobile marketing puts your brand right into consumers’ pockets.

Open the door to a growing audience. Call our paid search experts on 0800 088 7486.

From shopping trips to train journeys, lunchbreaks to leisure time, the UK is online around-the-clock. In fact, smartphones are so prominent, UK mobile Internet users have now overtaken Japan when it comes to surfing on-the-go. And the trend is set to continue: the IAB recently found that more young people in the UK use social networks on their mobile phones than in any other country in the world.

Without a solid mobile marketing strategy, how will your business avoid stagnation and continue to grow in a mobile future? The answer is to move now, with mobile marketing from ClickThrough.

How can we help you?

Mobile marketing services from ClickThrough:

  • Google Mobile PPC campaign setup
  • Mobile PPC management
  • Location-based services
  • Keyword research
  • Mobile landing page creation
  • AdWords analytics and tracking
  • Phone call tracking
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Mobile site creation
  • Banner ad creation and placement
  • In-app marketing

A mobile marketing agency which moves with the times

For ten years, the PPC experts at ClickThrough have led the way with innovative website advertising strategies. Now one of the UK’s top mobile marketing companies, ClickThrough draws on extensive experience running paid search campaigns in more than 30 countries. Our Google-qualified team take a scientific approach to mobile phone advertising – understanding the way mobile Internet users behave, finding the keywords most likely to boost your ROI (return on investment) and focussing every effort on tracking, analysing and improving clicks and conversions across a mobile advertising strategy.

Increase reach with app-based mobile advertising

It’s huge, but search is only one small slice of the mobile media pie. Apps are a great platform for business advertising: whether providing a useful service or using banner advertising to attract potential customers already primed to buy. Our mobile PPC team are AdMob experts, able to continuously tweak your mobile marketing campaigns for optimum mobile performance and ROI.

Boost sales with mobile marketing landing pages

Traditional landing pages for desktops are clunky and difficult to use on mobile. We create mobile-optimised landing pages that look sweet on smartphones – whether you want users to “click to call”, fill out a form, or buy, removing obstacles which cause mobile users to bounce is imperative. Our in-depth knowledge of conversion enhancement, mobile user behaviour and AdWords optimisation, coupled with a commitment to beautiful design, ensures your mobile landing pages work to produce the best ROI on your mobile phone advertising budget.

Other mobile marketing companies don’t come close

Creating successful tablet and mobile marketing campaigns demands an understanding of usage patterns, technological considerations and audience differences. Thanks to the expertise of our staff, we’ve got all three bases covered – as well as an appetite for innovation that lets us stay on top of all developments in mobile PPC. Meet our experts to find out more.

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