Paid Search/PPC Management Services

Maximising results from a paid search campaign is an art, and our paid search experts have years of experience perfecting this, working with Google AdWords, Bing, remarketing, display and paid social.

Our team can help you maximise your return on investment, increase leads and drive sales with an excellent standard of paid search management of your campaigns.

All our paid search management services are based on best practice principals and industry expertise and are delivered by our team of Google and Bing qualified staff.

Increase Sales with Paid Search Management

All of our paid search services start with a comprehensive review of your current paid search strategy. We then help you build the strategy, implementing actions to assist you in meeting your KPIs and budget. With our monthly services, we will constantly tweak, test and optimise your pay per click (PPC) campaigns to ensure they remain in line with Google and Bing best practices, and deliver the highest return from your advertising spend (ROAS).

AdWords Account Management

As a Google AdWords certified partner, we understand that every successful paid search campaign is backed by a well-researched and optimised list of keywords. Our Google qualified team are experts in understanding the needs, wants and language of users. Using these touch points, we build out an extensive list of keywords.

From there, we build out your match types – exact, phrase, broad modified, broad and negative – to optimise when your adverts will appear. We will manage and optimise your ad texts, ad extensions, campaign settings, budgets and impression share, all based on best practice principals to maximise ROI and CPA. Throughout the year, we will support your seasonal promotions to help you maximise on business peaks and level traditionally quieter periods.

Our fully transparent reporting methods will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your PPC account’s performance, showing clear results against budget.

Bing Account Management

Bing accounts for more than 10% of the search engine market share and we at ClickThrough believe it warrants at least 10% of your paid search spend too.

Bing is a great way to expand audiences while keeping costs low, as it offers lower cost per click rates than Google. Once we have an effective AdWords campaign running we will work to build out these campaigns in Bing, providing you with the relevant reports and conversion tracking. Our research shows that, while Bing may attract a lot less traffic than Google, it attracts a more affluent browser, leading to higher order values.

Mobile Advertising

The fast growth in mobile technology means that mobile advertising now needs to play a key part in your online advertising strategy. Research shows 90% of people work and search across devices, and therefore reaching customers on-the-go needs to form part of your display advertising campaign.

Our paid search specialists can help you to optimise your mobile campaigns, to help you build brand awareness and drive performance. In conjunction with our web development team we can help you create interactive, rich-media display ads that work across the mobile web and in apps.

  • For more on the importance of mobile, see our Mobile Vs Desktop cross-device test results.

Bid Management

Kenshoo – an award-winning bid management tool created by search marketers for search marketers – is ClickThrough’s recommended provider for bid management, optimisation and reporting.

We believe Kenshoo offers more visibility into which keywords are contributing to sales, as it goes beyond the traditional ‘last click’ win methodology. This is vital in the mobile age, where so many online journeys begin.

Kenshoo helps us save you money on click costs and improve revenue and costs per action (CPA). Its versatility enables us to make quick changes to your online advertising campaigns across multiple search engines, while its reporting dashboard enables us to present customised data based on the metrics that matter to your business.

BidCops – Automated Account Management

We created BidCops to help digital marketers save time and money managing their AdWords accounts. The free PPC tool can audit your Google AdWords account in seconds, as it quickly identifies the best keywords to maximise traffic and conversions while highlighting those keywords that are wasting you budget. This detailed account reporting would usually take several days.

Your BidCops PPC account report will show you how to improve your click-through rate and conversions. We recommend you run a BidCops report at least once a quarter as part of your ongoing focus on improving AdWords conversions. Sign up to Bidcops now.

Call Tracking

Implementing a call tracking solution is vital if you want to fully understand where your telephone leads are generated.This can help you optimise the customer journey to deliver more calls, and hopefully more conversions from your paid search campaigns, providing visibility at a keyword level to enable keyword optimisation.

ClickThrough Marketing works with a number of leading call tracking suppliers, including ResponseTap and Infinity. This technology allows digital marketers to track:

  • How? visitors find their websites
  • The keywords they use
  • The pages they visit

This data helps you understand better what prompts their call. This enables you to see what works and what doesn’t and factor this into your digital marketing strategy.

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