Product Listing Ads

Google Shopping product listing ads will make your sales soar.

Google Shopping changed to a commercial model in February 2013. Retailers now need to pay per click for their product ads to appear in Google Shopping searches – traffic that was previously free. The good news is, we’ve already driven huge gains for online retailers using product listing ads.

Product listing ads – what you need to know:

  • We drove a 54% rise in ROI for clients in the first month of PPC ads in Google Shopping
  • We lowered clients’ costs per click by 28% compared to traditional Google ads
  • PLAs now account for 25% of paid search traffic for our Google Shopping retailers
  • PLAs get a 35% higher click through rate compared to text ads*


Perplexed with product listing ads? Need management for your Google Merchant Centre product feed? We can help.

Our Google AdWords-qualified PPC experts can manage every level of a Google Shopping campaign – from bid budgets to stock updates, competitor research to ad group optimisation.

If you’re not completely up-to-date on product listing ads and the latest Google Shopping changes, then download our free Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads white paper.

ClickThrough set themselves apart from other agencies through the superb quality of their deliverables and their willingness to work in whichever way the client needs.

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Get Your Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads White Paper

Our free white paper is full of information about the commercialisation of Google Shopping, why it’s happening, and what retailers should do to capitalise on Google Shopping traffic.

It includes a summary of what product listing ads are, and how they work, information about uploading products feeds via Google Merchant Centre, and a breakdown of the key differences between PLAs and traditional text ads.

We’ve also put together information on the way the Google Shopping algorithm will work: with various site factors Google will consider when returning results.

  • Learn how PLAs could help increase conversions by 35%
  • Get the inside track on crucial ranking factors to give you an edge
  • See how Google product ads differ to traditional text ads
  • Handy at-a-glance summary provides vital information in a flash

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I already have Google Merchant Centre and a Google Shopping product feed! How can you help?

Google Shopping product feeds were free: now you need to pay when a searcher clicks your ad.

That means investing time and effort to ensure your product feed is optimised for conversions – something that may not have been high on the priority list when Shopping was sending free traffic to your website.

Now Shopping is set to become more competitive, it’s vital for online retailers to act to save their traffic and sales.

Product ads and Google Shopping Analysis and Audit

Get to grips with Google Merchant Centre, PLAs and Shopping searches with our unique Google Shopping Audit.

Our unique 26-point analysis looks at your company’s position in paid search: we evaluate existing product listing ads, look at the impact of stopping PPC in Google Shopping, find the best keywords that convert into your sales and review trends to help plot budgets for up to 12 months.

Get your free Google Shopping audit now and boost your revenue from Google Shopping.

Call us: 0800 088 7486.

Google Merchant Centre management

Google Shopping is becoming an online marketplace – where searchers can quickly find the products they want without needing to browse around the Internet.

Online retailers who fail to adapt their PPC marketing plan to include product listing ads and Google Shopping PPC could be missing out on thousands of sales, as their products simply won’t show in Shopping searches.

The incentives are there: PPC ads in Shopping have lower click costs, better conversion rates and improve return on investment.

Google Merchant Services from ClickThrough Marketing:

  • Product listing ads and Google Shopping Analysis and Audit
  • PLA and Google Merchant Centre Setup
  • Google Merchant Centre management
  • Product feed optimisation
  • PLA optimisation
  • Product descriptions

Product listing ads – What are they?

PLAs were first introduced to Google UK in 2011.

They differ from normal PPC ads as they include an image, price information, and much less text. They are set up and run from Google Merchant Centre, which can be linked to AdWords to help track results.

Once uploaded, product feeds need to be kept updated: with Google rewarding regular updaters in its search algorithm.

In terms of tracking success, it’s vital for businesses to get a measure on how these new Google product ads are working for them using bespoke Analytics.

On top of that, retailers need to assert control over budget spend by separating products into ad groups, labels and categories.

Our unique approach to keyword research and optimisation ensures we’ll find the best Shopping search terms for your business, and help optimise your Google Merchant Centre feed to ensure your products are seen by new customers.

Why did Google Shopping change?

The Google Shopping search function is fast becoming the first port of call for consumers who want to research their purchases.

Stats show 90% of web users in Europe now take the time to research products and services online.

The targeted relevance of Google Shopping searches means many of these queries are now channelled through this search option.

Google makes money from PPC advertising in organic searches. This method sees businesses bidding on keywords via the Google AdWords interface, so their paid search ads show up for relevant queries. When a searcher clicks a PPC ad, the business pays Google for the click.

With Google Shopping now attracting more and more product searches, Google has decided to end its commission-free approach (which, to some extent, must have cannibalised its profits from PPC), and is introducing a pay-per-click model for Shopping searches.

By June 11, 2013, all Shopping results will be PPC, in the form of PLAs.

The search giant says the changes will make its Shopping search even better for users: ensuring more relevant Google product ads are shown, together with prices, images, and available sizes and colours.

And because companies will have to put a lot of effort into optimising their Google product ads, Google sees this is a simple way to eradicate less reputable businesses from the Shopping feature.

For businesses, Google says the shift to product listing ads will give them more budget control, more relevant search traffic for their click-costs, and better-looking ads which are more likely to convert.

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