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Integrating Social Media Advertising With Your Organic Social Strategy

Want to integrate paid advertising with your organic social strategy? Not sure where to start? Alison Booth and Amy Dugmore explain… While more and more brands are keen to explore the potential of social media marketing, knowing where to start can be a challenge. Should you invest in paid social media advertising? An organic strategy?…

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Google Introduces Search Console

After nearly ten years, Google has announced it has rebranded its Google Webmaster Tools as Google Search Console. The name change, the search engine says, is a reflection of the fact that the toolset is not only used by webmasters, but also by hobbyists, small business owners, SEO experts, marketers, programmers, designers, app developers, and […]

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SEO: Google Confirms Quality Update

Following a shake-up in rankings earlier this month, Google has now confirmed that it has changed the way content quality is assessed, although what changes have been implemented remain vague. In early May, some publishers reported changes to Google’s search results, with many reporting a drop in rankings. According to Search Engine Land, Google has […]

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The Power of the SEO Headline

Lisa Coghlan explains the importance of headlines from an SEO and user perspective. Read on as she explains how introducing some psychological techniques into your writing can urge users to click. There is an unfathomable amount of content online, which makes it incredibly difficult for yours to stand out. With so much competition out there…

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Low CTRs Pose Biggest Challenge to Email Marketing

We’ve come a long way since the birth of email marketing. But marketers are still facing the same old challenges – namely, getting people to actually click on the interesting, enticing links in their emails. A recent Ascend2 study, reported by eMarketer, reveals that low click-through rates (CTRs) are considered by far the biggest challenge […]

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SEO News Roundup: Bing’s Mobile-Friendly Update is On its Way

Everything search engine optimisation, everything newsworthy – brought to you by Tom Williams. Bing Follows Google’s Lead With its Own Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Remember when Bing started testing its own mobile-friendly labels in search results last month? Unsurprisingly, the Microsoft-owned search engine has taken the inevitable next step and announced its own mobile-friendly update. However, Bing…


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