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Answer your emails!

Twice recently, I have contacted companies through their websites about making a purchase. In both instances, all I needed was a simple answer to a question before sending money. One was contacted through a contact form on their website, and the other directly by email. Two weeks later, no response from either. Sadly, this is…

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Where is your data?

There is an interesting discussion this morning on Chinwag about data being held by third party companies, eg email service providers. This has resulted in an article written by Mark Lesbirel on ESPs, which is a must read if you outsource your email marketing, although it focuses more on the security of information and compromising…

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18 free ‘n’ easy ways to promote your site this week

1. Write a new blog post by reading today’s headlines on your favourite news site, and writing on something that relates to you or your industry, your company or your products. If you really can’t find a single news story that relates to you, use your keywords and search on Google News – there will…

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IM 1.0 sales letters

Surely they have to stop?! We’ve all seen them, here is the latest to land in my inbox – the sales letter the punters love! WATCH my sales soar…… —————————————————————————————– Read no further, just scroll down and BUY IT NOW!! This purchase will change your life – GUARANTEED! 100%, 30 day money back guarantee –…

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The duplicate content issue

It doesn’t seem to matter which forums you hang out in, or what blogs you read, duplicate content comes up time and time again. And there appears to be some confusion about whether and how you are penalised for duplicate content. So, here goes an attempt to explain duplicate content. There are two types of…

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Opt-in versus opt-out

The opt-in opt-out debate continues to rage on. The first time it really reared its head was with email marketing, and hence spam. Netiquette, and legislation against UCE (unsolicited commercial email), has meant that sending unwanted email messages without an opt-in process whereby the user chooses to receive said emails is not just frowned upon,…

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