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IE10: Do Not Track plans cause web browser controversy

Saiqa Bi, ClickThrough Marketing’s paid search manager, looks at Microsoft’s plans for its new web browser, Internet Explorer 10, and asks if we’re getting closer to the era of truly private search Are we getting closer to the era of private search? At the end of May, when Microsoft announced that its new browser, Internet…

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Is A/B Testing a Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Ask any business at the top of its sector how it got there, and the answer will invariably involve a lot of hard work, and a lot of trial and error. Trial and error is an invaluable tool: yes, nobody wants to make mistakes. But if you don’t make mistakes, you can’t learn or improve….

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Google Page Load Speed Analysis Identify Opportunities for Improvement

The widespread availability of fixed line and mobile broadband has made the internet a faster, smoother place for the majority of users. However, it has also significantly raised expectations with the result that sites which are poorly optimised for speed will be ignored in favour of those that load quickly and perform consistently. Google Analytics…

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Mobile E-Commerce for any business

As smartphones, mobiles and tablets become more prevalent, and wi-fi hotspots mean that data transfer can cost next to zero (a cup of coffee and a bun in many places), so we are seeing an explosion in mobile marketing. Geo-location and location based marketing aim to attract and encourage customers within a locality with services…

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Consumers gain a new weapon to bring corporates to task

There are far too many examples of brands and companies attempting to hide information from consumers and being caught out. The reality is that honesty in business, as in all other aspects of life, is essential. Especially in these days of the Internet where it is surprisingly easy for the diligent, upset or just plain…

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Get ready for the next generation of Twitterati

For 5 years, Twitter has somehow escaped the notice of the younger generation, with many quite happy to reside on Bebo, MySpace, and then Facebook. However, one has to wonder whether the decline of the latter of these three social networks may begin when the teens grow bored, and move on to pastures new, as…

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Research Shows Some Marketers Fail To Understand Customer Journeys And The Influence Of Digital Media

The Search Marketing Barometer from the Internet Advertising Bureau UK gives a useful snapshot of how the large companies are applying search marketing today. The most recent report, published in February, covering 2011, was based on a survey of 123 marketers from the top 200 brands across all sectors including entertainment, retail, FMCG and automotive….

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Where does Google see search going?

As we have mentioned before, many people are incompetent at search, and the search engines and SEO experts (as well as hardware manufacturers) have not been slow in taking this into account. In a video from the Google stable, we hear about how Google is taking into account the changes that are occurring in user…

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Does over half of your traffic come from Facebook? It could.

We are increasingly moving from a search driven world to a social driven world. If your online marketing spend includes the vast proportion being spent on SEO and SEM, it is time for a rethink. Google’s development of Google Plus in an effort to ‘get social’ (against the behemoth in the social world that is…

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