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The value of unique content

Aha me hearties. Just found a pirate website scraping our content… We all know that it is important to create unique content for blogs and websites in order to ensure that we pick up not just interested visitors, but also to rank for long tail terms, non duplicate content etc etc. However, this blog is…

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UK shoppers outspending US counterparts

JupiterResarch and LinkShare are reporting that UK consumers are likely to spend 40% more than their US counterparts on online shopping this Christmas. Additionally, the UK shoppers will make 24% more purchases online and are 13% more likely to be regular internet shoppers. It seems the UK are increasingly canny about hunting down bargains and…

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Phorm losing popularity

As ISPs struggle to find ways forward to bring in advertising revenue, it seems that behavioural advertising using the likes of Phorm will not find many takers after all. This week, Sky and Tiscali signalled that they will not be using Phorm or NebuAd, nor do they plan to adopt behavioural advertising. This is good…

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Ranking is dead

Well, it’s not a definite, but it is highly likely to start losing importance in 2009. Google is introducing searches that will be personalised for each searcher. So, I could search on something, and based on my search history and even my IP address, I will get entirely different results from what you see, searching…

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