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Google’s SEO Guide

This week, Google published a starter guide for SEO. For the uninitiated into search engine optimisation, it is a good guide to creating websites that fit the basic search algorithms that Google uses. However, it is in no way comprehensive, and omits some pretty important SEM strategies that will help your website rank higher. For…

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PPC for the long tail

The value of the long tail is finally being researched; however, even without the evidence, it has been known for a long time that long tail terms can bring in lucrative, quality traffic to a website. Seeking long tail terms that bring valued customers to your site should start within your traffic logs. There are…

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Multi Lingual SEO – getting it wrong!

As an end of the week moment, here are a few, possibly apocryphal, tales of products that got ‘lost in translation’, written as an accompaniment to an article about multi-lingual SEM. This is a reminder to all that, when attempting to conduct internet marketing overseas, it is wise to use someone who knows the lie…

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PPC Services – Stretch your budget

Pay Per Click, although a simple idea in itself, and proven for traffic generation, has now become a complex game. In order to learn how it all works and ensure you get the best bang for your buck, you need to spend many hours experimenting with bids and keywords, monitoring and measuring, and tweaking your…

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PPC vs SEO During a Credit Crunch

Many businesses seem to be throwing money away on PPC at present, at a time when money is tight. PPC for some search terms is incredibly competitive (think anything to do with finance or money, eg mortgages, for starters), but it may well be that whichever sector you are in, you can save some of…

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