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Google Yahoo deal – the facts

In an attempt to clear up some of the controversy, rumours and even deal with questions raised by an ongoing anti-trust investigation by the US Department of Justice, Google has launched a new facts page about the advertising deal with Yahoo. Although a considerable amount of support is shown from big businesses, those most likely…

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Multi-lingual SEO

The Internet was ‘invented’ by English speakers, but as the growth of PC purchase has spread even to the most impoverished nations, so we have seen a rise in the number of non-native English speakers accessing the Web and seeking products and services from other countries. If your website is not tailored to communicate with…

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Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere Report

Technorati have conducted interesting research into the blogosphere and produced the State of the Blogosphere 2008 Report. This comprehensive report highlights not only who are the bloggers, but also what they are blogging about, how to monetise blogs, and becoming brand advocates. Blogging is a very useful marketing tool for a business these days, and…

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Email Newsletters & Netiquette

Many companies send out regular print communications to their customers – brochures, new price lists, special offers, even a Christmas card. However, these print communications can prove expensive and not always effective. An alternative is to send out an email newsletter with links to your website to drive traffic to special offers, new and updated…

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Choosing Gen Y marketing tools

Gen Y, or Generation Y, tools are those which have been developed during the Web 2.0 frenzy. These are tools and applications which for many are the only ways to communicate, with email and the phone becoming so last year. You need to be au fait with the opportunities these Gen Y tools present for…

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Don’t cut your SEO budget during the credit crunch

VizCom Designs Daniel Robinson advises companies to spend more not less on SEO and internet marketing during these times of economic difficulty in this article.  As less business becomes available, it is necessary to fight harder to win a slice of the pie and stay afloat, Mr Robinson suggests. Many companies appear to be scaling…

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