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Why Your Mouse Is Google’s New Best Friend

Not content with using search queries and click tracking to determine your interests (along with a wealth of other factors), Google is now looking into bring information about the position and activity of your mouse cursor on screen into their calculations, even when no clicks have been performed. In a new Google patent (filed back…

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What To Think About When Buying a Domain

One of the many questions that is asked frequently concerns hyphens in domain names. So, for instance would the search engines view your site more favourably if you use www.checkoutmycoolwebsite.com or www.check-out-my-cool-website.com? The search engines have become fairly canny about recognising keywords in domain names now after all, it is by judging whether a site…

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The what, why and how of a search gap analysis

A search demand gap analysis is an essential part of a search engine marketing audit to check how well your search engine optimisation and/or pay-per-click marketing is working for your company. It will show you the commercial opportunity available from search engine marketing and compare your current performance against this opportunity, so showing sales growth…

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Phone call tracking add-on for Google Analytics

We are very pleased today to announce the launch of our add-on for phone call tracking with Google Analytics. This add-on allows you to track phone call conversions from any source – banners, affiliates, forums, as well as PPC and organic searches. The importance of demonstrating ROI to internet marketing clients can never be under-estimated,…

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