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Elements of a Successful AdWords Campaign

Whilst it is evident that numerous businesses use Google AdWords, a surprising number do not really think about maximising their campaigns, and lose out on valuable traffic as a result. AdWords allows businesses to create paid ads, which will return alongside organic search results when Google users type a certain search keyword. Google only charges…

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How important is Google+ to your future marketing?

We’re asking this question since we’re approaching the first anniversary of the initial “invite-only” field-test of Google+. In short, I think the answer to this question is “very” and I’ll explain by showing some of the the latest information. Sometimes I wish Google+ didn’t exist. It seems many marketers I speak to agree.  It doesn’t…

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Stuffed! Has Google over-optimised its content?

Google’s latest update – dubbed Penguin – is designed to stop ‘keyword stuffing’. The change was announced in an official Google blog post containing eight keywords in the first seven sentences. So what exactly is keyword stuffing, and is it still possible to optimise quality content without being penalised? Here, Ali Harris, content manager for…

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If Content Is King, Fresh Content Must be Some Form of Deity

As Google rolls out another wave of significant changes with the inevitable fall-out, many site owners and those in the SEO industry are left considering changes that may yet be to come. Whilst the latest algorithm updates seem primarily targeted at improving the approach taken by some to link building, many believe that Google is…

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Are you on top of the latest Google changes?

Google has always continuously innovated; I’ve followed them as a user and an SEO since they were launched in 1998. But, it does feel in 2011 and 2012 that the frequency of change at Google is accelerating, particularly with their anti-webspam measures that can negatively affect legitimate SEO. As reported in ClickThrough’s industry news, Google…

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Upcoming Google Adwords Keyword Matching Changes: Are You Ready?

Mid-May is set to be a busy time for paid search marketers. This is all thanks to search giant Google and a few changes that have been announced for its Adwords program. These will subtly alter the way in which search results are matched to keywords. Subtle changes perhaps, but an adjustment that will have…

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Do Unnatural Linking Penalties Signal A Fundamental Shift In Google Policy?

The last couple of weeks have seen a series of fairly dramatic algorithm updates in which hundreds of thousands of sites have been de-indexed and have received messages from Google indicating that they are falling foul in exhibiting an ‘unnatural linking’ profile. Link building has long been a staple element of SEO strategy. Google’s own…

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Google Page Load Speed Analysis Identify Opportunities for Improvement

The widespread availability of fixed line and mobile broadband has made the internet a faster, smoother place for the majority of users. However, it has also significantly raised expectations with the result that sites which are poorly optimised for speed will be ignored in favour of those that load quickly and perform consistently. Google Analytics…

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Understanding the Move Towards Semantic Search

There is currently a great deal of talk about Google’s gradual move towards ‘semantic search’. This necessitates collecting a higher level of personal data in order to increase its accuracy and functionality, a move that is receiving a somewhat mixed reaction. The technology surrounding semantic search is based upon the creation of an algorithm that…

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