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Checking for content plagiarism

One of the growing problems on the Web is the plagiarism of content, usually through content scrapers or similar. If you want to check whether your content has been stolen and is being used by another website, we recommend  using either Copyscape, fairshare, Plagium, or for a particular article, a free service such as article checker….

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Using automated article writing software – DON’T!

As a native English speaker, I shudder when I read internet marketing articles about SEO that contain the most appalling English. Prime examples of this crop up all over blogs where it is blatantly obvious that automated article writing software has been used to generate content. Here is one such example: SEO is a process…

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10 tools to add Live Chat to your website

We all now that developing relationships with potential and present customers is the name of the game. To do so, we need to choose one of a wide range of tools for the job, and live chat is a fast-growing sector. This software will allow you to chat directly with your website visitors, solving any…

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social media icon sets for your blog

RT @unmarketing Look at all these freaking soc media icon sets for blogs! just awesomesauce! If you use social media tools such as Twitter etc, take a look at these icon sets which you can use to gather followers and grow your community / list through your blog or website. Neat!

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Aiming at the middle with your internet marketing activities

Seth Godin has recently posted twice on the subject of the “middle of the market”. His first post Fast In, Fast Out obviously started a train of thought and triggered the second about The Paradox of the Middle of the Market. Whilst Seth is mainly talking about product development and then marketing that to the…

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