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Stuffed! Has Google over-optimised its content?

Google’s latest update – dubbed Penguin – is designed to stop ‘keyword stuffing’. The change was announced in an official Google blog post containing eight keywords in the first seven sentences. So what exactly is keyword stuffing, and is it still possible to optimise quality content without being penalised? Here, Ali Harris, content manager for…

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10 Basic Questions for Reviewing Your Approach to Paid Search Marketing Strategy

When we work with a new client reviewing their search strategy, there is a common set of issues that are often discussed. I thought it would be useful to set these down, so that you can think through which apply to you. I have covered them as a series of basic questions to be reviewed….

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How well are you communicating your brand offer in Google?

In August, Google announced a new feature which has been dubbed “mega sitelinks”. Although this seems to be a small change which wasn’t widely reported, we think it is important. The reason, is that for every site of a well-known brand, the most important searches by volume are brand search terms. Sitelinks give an excellent…

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Yahoo! Clues Tells The Story of Christmas Through Search

Yahoo! Clues (which Paid Search Manager, Adrian Epstein, reported on last month) has just celebrated its first month in existence. For the uninitiated, Yahoo! Clues is Yahoo!’s answer to Google Trends, providing data and charts on search activity over time for specific keywords, as well as demographic and location information on searchers. Coincidentally, the first…

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Yahoo Clues Is Yahoos Answer to Google Insights

Paid Search Manager, Adrian Epstein, explains why Yahoo! has released its own search data mining tool, Yahoo! Clues. _________________________________________________________ Yahoo have introduced a Google Insights interface equivalent called Yahoo Clues. It is currently in Beta but as you will see, it provides some good insight from Yahoo about search volume for phrases, as well as…

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Secrets to Writing Good Web Copy for SEO

Rob Stoubos, SEO Manager at ClickThrough, shares some important tips on writing good copy, with SEO and link building potential, for the web. _________________________________________________________ When writing good SEO copy it is important to find a balance between incorporating your keyphrases and readability for your readership.  Visitors are more likely to stay on your website, redistribute…

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How Well Do You Know Your Competition Online?

This month, Dr Dave Chaffey explains why true online competitor analysis requires a much broader approach, and how by segmenting sites appearing for your target keywords you can open up opportunities for additional, untapped traffic. ________________________________________________________________ I think there’s a tendency for blinkered thinking about online competitors. We naturally think of our ‘direct’ competitors from…

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Navigational Search and the Google Trademark Policy – Part 2 of 2

In his second post this month, Dave explains what the next change to the Google AdWords trademark policy will mean for brand owners, and why some etailers could benefit. ________________________________________________________________ In the first of these two posts on brand searches, we discussed how important navigation brand searches are to some businesses, and how important it…

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