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Acting on information from your customers / website visitors

As we have posted before, behavioural advertising is a hot topic. And showing advertising on websites to many _is_ acceptable as long as it is there to a) bring interesting products/info/brands to your attention and b) if it helps keep much of what makes the Internet the exciting phenemenon that it is, free. However, with…

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When the boss bans Facebook….

Give him this little snippet Business owners were more likely to use social media marketing (90+%) than employees working for a business (81%). Source: Social Media Marketing Report by Michael A Stelzner If you are not now marketing with social media tools (Facebook, myspace, linkedin, ecademy, Twitter etc) , there may be troubles ahead….. If…

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Twitter for beginners

Keep being asked why so many people are harping on about Twitter. So, a couple of words about what it is. Firstly, Twitter is a free service which asks you to tweet (write) in 140 characters or less the answer to, “What are you doing now?” Obviously, it is full of utterly trite observations about…

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18 free ‘n’ easy ways to promote your site this week

1. Write a new blog post by reading today’s headlines on your favourite news site, and writing on something that relates to you or your industry, your company or your products. If you really can’t find a single news story that relates to you, use your keywords and search on Google News – there will…

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