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Google Testing Labels to Warn Users Off Slow Sites

Is your website more of an e-snail than a digital dynamo? It might be time to work on your page loading speeds, because Google is testing a way to tell searchers about your sluggish site. As spotted by K Neeraj Kayastha on Google+, Google seems to be testing bold, red ‘Slow’ labels in mobile SERPs […]

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Bing Astonishingly Good at Predicting Oscars Wins

Bing’s predictions engine correctly guessed 84% of wins at this year’s Academy Awards show, reports The Verge. The search-engine-turned-soothsayer predicted the correct results for best picture, best actress and actor, best supporting actress and actor, and best director, according to the list of predictions over at the Inside Microsoft Research blog (published February 18). In […]

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Google Webmaster Tools Data Still Missing, But Analytics A-OK

The Google Webmaster Tools forums have been buzzing with activity over the weekend, with frustrated users noting that Search Queries data hasn’t been updated for more than a week. Search Engine Land pointed this out on Friday, but those expecting an official answer from Google will be disappointed this morning. As of yet, Google has […]

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Google Aims to Improve Health-Related Content Across the Web

Google has updated its Knowledge Graph to show more in-depth content about medical conditions, in an effort to encourage other publishers to offer better-quality health-related content. The new Knowledge Graph cards, announced in a blog post yesterday, will feature “typical symptoms and treatments, as well as details on how common the condition is—whether it’s critical, […]

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Google's Mystery Search 'Tweaks' May Be e-Commerce Related

Last week, SEOs noticed unusually high fluctuations in Google’s search rankings – but nobody has, as yet, received any word from Google about what these may be related to. However, Google has denied any relation to Panda or Penguin, and initial indications seem to discount any connection to Google’s recently-sent mobile UX webmaster warnings. Now, […]

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Google Ranking 'Tweaks' Unrelated to Mobile UX Warnings

When Google sent out mass mobile usability warnings to webmasters in January, some speculated a new algorithm was on the horizon, specifically designed to tackle mobile-unfriendly sites. So when SEOs noticed significant fluctuations in rankings on Wednesday, the natural assumption was that we were witnessing the dawn of this long-rumoured mobile UX algorithm. However, Search […]

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Where in the World is Googlebot? Google Now Crawls Locale-Adaptive Pages

Google’s crawlers can now handle locale-adaptive pages, the company announced yesterday. Locale-adaptive pages dynamically serve different versions of a page to users depending on their language settings or IP location. Typically, locale adaptivity is used to provide users with local-specific content, or content in their own language. Previously, Google would only see the US version […]

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Google's Mobile UX Warnings: All Signs Point To New Algorithm

Google has sent warning notifications to non-mobile-friendly websites en masse, adding weight to theories that the search giant is preparing a new mobile ranking algorithm. The Webmaster Tools notifications, reported by Search Engine Land, mark the latest effort by Google to encourage better mobile usability – a topic it has been talking about since at […]

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PPC: Bing Ads Retiring Mobile Device Targeting (Sort of)

Bing Ads announced on Thursday that it plans to retire “explicit mobile device targeting”. From March 2015, advertisers will no longer be able to select between ‘Smartphones’ and ‘Desktop and tablet’ as distinct targeting options. Instead, users will employ bid modifiers to adjust how frequently their ads appear across devices, without being able to deselect […]

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Google Says 'Right To Be Forgotten' Ruling Was 'Vague'

Google has spoken out about its role in the ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ ruling, saying the ruling itself was “vague” and that they received no official guidance to help deal with removal requests. Speaking at the Web Summit in Ireland, Google’s head of European communications Peter Barron also remarked: “We respected the court’s ruling and […]

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