It is necessary to support search engine marketing techniques across different aspects of a website.

This is the according to Kevin Gibbons who, in a post on the Econsultancy blog, observed that using methods such as pay per click marketing once is valuable as the chances of conversions are high, but "you don’t want to pay to attract that customer a second or third time".

Maintaining brand awareness for consumers can be important and blogs were highlighted as being a good way of doing this, as they can create user habits through "regular, engaging [and] relevant posts" that encourage surfers to save pages in their favourites.

Email marketing was also recommended by Mr Gibbons, although he did add that sending regular messages was "pretty useless" and risked angering the customer.

In other news, Patricio Robles recently likened search engine optimisation to politics, saying that it drives debate because many people do not know what it is, have had negative experiences or believe it to be overly complicated.

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