There has been a major shift in the way people "consume media", according to the president of SmartSearch Marketing – Patricia Hursh.

Ms Hursh argues that many consumers now use the internet for as much time as they watch television, reports the Scripps Howard News Service.

As such, it is thought that online marketing and advertising mechanisms, such as search engine optimisation, are becoming an increasingly presence in advertising campaigns.

According to the SmartSearch Marketing website, Ms Hurst has been involved in search engine optimisation and advertising since 1997 and has worked with clients such as Microsoft and Qwest.

Ms Hursh’s view that online marketing mechanisms are set to expand has also been reinforced by Andrew Beckman, president of SearchAdNetwork.

Mr Beckman told the news service that as search engine optimisation is becoming "integral" element of online advertising, large agencies will "have to have it".

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