Whilst this article states that search engine marketing is still the way to go for hoteliers, there are aspects of social media marketing that hotels are still ignoring.

For instance, a hotel that I recently stayed in (which also provided free wifi not just in the lobby but also in the rooms) sent a tweet shortly after my arrival, welcoming me to the hotel and telling me to tweet if there was anything I needed.

Why did this make me feel good?

Because it showed a level of personal interaction that is rare in this homogenous world. There is a person at the other end of that Tweet who I could then talk to if I chose.

It showed an ingenious use of Twitter to offer a personal welcoming service, rather than the standard automated answerphone message on the phone or through the TV screen.

Because I could retweet it to show off to other hotels how it should be done. And hence promote the hotel.

Here was a hotel who had GOT using social media for not just internet marketing, but also for customer relationship management.

Whether you are in the accommodation sector, or any other industry, think out of the box, and start using social media for more than just promotion. Engage with your customers directly and offer a service over and above that of your competitors.

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