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Recording Google + Hangouts

Possibly the biggest differentiator at present between Google Plus and other social networks are Hangouts – the chance to video conference at the click of a button with up to 20 other G+ users. Hangouts are moving forwards quite quickly now as the G+ developers and third parties realise the benefits of making recording G+…

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Engaging mobile users 2

We spoke previously about how to make more of mobile marketing, so let’s look at yet more methods which you could be using to get more traffic to your websites, social networking pages, and to your bricks and mortar stores. QR codes, which we have written about previously, have a mixed press. As they have…

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Preparing for Google+ brand pages

Despite being in its infancy, Google+ has already got a confirmed figure of 10 million users; and although it has been promised that Google+ business pages would be made available in the coming months, many have jumped at the chance to get on this latest social media marketing bandwagon early. Google, though, has now taken […]

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End of week roundup – Klout and Skype to FB, all to Google+

The big announcement this week has of course been Google+ and the limited field trial. Not so limited that people still aren’t managing to sneak in through various back doors! The general consensus from those within the field trial is positive, although obviously the entire reason for the trial is to find bugs and gather…

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More Google + Thoughts & Tricks

It seems that Google + has a raft of other uses for serious networkers. For instance, many people looking to make contacts look through LinkedIn profiles and Twitter followers of authoritative or influential people to find new contacts. Facebook Friends can often also be searched in the same manner. Google+ offers the same facility. So,…

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