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How to SEO: Is Google Using Web Analytics as a Ranking Factor?

In the aftermath of Google’s Panda algorithm update, which was designed to weed out poor-quality websites, much speculation remains as to how Google determines quality, and whether or not Analytics is a factor. Some SEOs dismiss the idea that Google is tapping into Analytics data as pure paranoia. However, others have put forward a good…

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How to SEO: SEO v Analytics

Many Internet marketers and webmasters believe that SEO and Analytics are two completely separate subjects. Are they right, or is there an inextricable link between the two? The overall aim of any website is to generate traffic, which is a threefold responsibility. SEO experts usually have the sole ambition of creating traffic by various means,…

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How to SEO: Four Common Mistakes and Problems

Many SEOs and Internet marketers are still failing to get a good balance between on and off-page optimisation. Often, this comes about because they are focusing too much on external activities, such as link building. This means they tend to neglect basic housekeeping on the web pages themselves. 1. Trying to get results too quickly….

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How to SEO: Three Search Types to Ensure You Optimise For

User search types can be grouped into three different categories: informational, transactional and navigational. Each of these categories requires a slightly different form of SEO. Informational searches account for approximately 80% of all searches, with the remaining 20% being divided equally between navigational and transactional searches. Around 70% of Internet users employ a search engine…

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