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Google Search Console Tests New Mobile Usability Report

Screenshots posted on serptests.com show a new mobile usability testing tool interface on Google Search Console, mimicking the design of the one currently used on the mobile-friendly testing tool. The new mobile usability report interface appears to be in beta testing mode, with the design not yet showing for all users. However, if Google follows…

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Is Mobilegeddon Overdue? 8 Facts That Prove We’re in the Midst of a Mobile Revolution

On the day Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm rolls out, senior content executive Oliver Pyper asks: “Is it really such a surprise?” Here, he collects eight facts, stats and quotes that prove the world is definitely ready for ‘mobilegeddon’. Want more advice on this topic? Download your FREE eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm. Should…

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How to Make Sense of Google’s Mobile Usability Errors (Part 2)

With just days to go until Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm launches (April 21), we take a look at three more mobile usability errors, and show you how to fix them – fast. This post is adapted from our free eBook – The Ultimate Guide to Google’s Mobile Usability Algorithm. A few things before we start. If…

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How to Make a Mobile-Friendly Website That Google Will Love [Infographic]

With Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm just around the corner, it’s never been more crucial to ensure your website caters to mobile users. But this algorithm isn’t like Panda, Penguin, or any of Google’s other updates – it’s an entirely different beast. Check out our infographic below to discover how the mobile-friendly algorithm will look, work…

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How to Make Sense of Google’s Mobile Usability Errors (Part 1)

We take an in-depth look at some of Google’s mobile usability errors to help you get ready for the new mobile-friendly algorithm (which is going to have more impact than Panda or Penguin!). Is your site ready for Google’s upcoming mobile-friendly algorithm? When the new ranking factor launches on April 21, it’s imperative that your…

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SEO News Roundup: Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Revelations, Safari Troubles and Colourful Experiments

Tom Williams is back again with the latest search engine optimisation news… Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Won’t Impact News Rankings, Will Take Up to a Week to Roll Out More details have emerged concerning Google’s upcoming mobile-friendly algorithm, after the firm held Google+ Hangouts with users to address unanswered questions. In a Hangout on Wednesday, Google…

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Google Shares More Details of its Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Google has shed a little more light on its upcoming mobile-friendly algorithm, which is due to launch on 21 April. The new details emerged in two separate Google+ Hangouts broadcast on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. In Tuesday’s Hangout, titled ‘Q&A session for mobile-friendly ranking change’, we learned: There is no spectrum of ‘mobile friendliness’. […]

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What Does Google Think a Mobile-Friendly Website Looks Like?

Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm launches on 21 April, and will have a bigger impact than Panda or Penguin. But what does Google mean by ‘mobile-friendly’? Here are the facts, plus instructions on how to check whether your site meets Google’s mobile usability guidelines. This post is adapted from our free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Google’s…

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Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm: Everything We Know (So Far)

There’s less than a month to go until Google’s ‘mobile-friendly algorithm’ launches. So, we’ve gathered all the facts you need to know about the new ranking factor that promises to be bigger than Penguin or Panda. This post is adapted from our free eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm. Download your copy now,…

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