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Google Under Fire From Fairsearch Europe Over Its Android System

Google has come under fire from a group including search engine rival Microsoft over the allegedly “deceptive way” in which its Android operating system dominates the market. The Internet giant provides its Android platform for free, but Fairsearch Europe – a group of 17 tech firms also including Oracle and Nokia – believes the operating […]

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China: Ecommerce booming with 220m now buying online

New research has suggested that a colossal 220 million people are now buying things online in China. With the country fast growing into an economic powerhouse, this comes as little surprise – with eMarketer’s research showing the enormous figure dwarfed the 150 million online buyers in America. According to their research paper “China Ecommerce: A […]

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Where does Google see search going?

As we have mentioned before, many people are incompetent at search, and the search engines and SEO experts (as well as hardware manufacturers) have not been slow in taking this into account. In a video from the Google stable, we hear about how Google is taking into account the changes that are occurring in user…

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Mistakes commonly made during PPC marketing campaigns

There are a number of mistakes commonly made in PPC marketing campaigns; despite being easily avoidable, these mistakes continue to be made on a regular basis, according to Elise Gabbert, writing for Business 2 Community. She states that these avoidable mistakes can have a damaging effect on campaigns – affecting CTR (click-through rates) Quality Score […]

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Bing debuts new Adaptive Search feature

In a move that could alter the strategies undertaken by search engine marketing professionals, Bing has added a new Adaptive Search feature.  This new addition will work to produce results based on a user’s past search history, according to an article published by Search Engine Watch. An announcement regarding this new feature was made on […]

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Search Engines Team Up

Major search engines are teaming up under the launch of schema.org. This shows the search engines uniting to make a HTML markup for structured data to be used on the search results display easy and more manageable for webmasters. This markup language is typically used by search engines to show richer content in the results. Like […]

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How a spider indexes your site

Matt Cutts recently gave an interview which, for many people in SEO, allows us to get a glimp (ie a partial rather than a full glimpse) inside Google’s mindset. Matt Cutts’ answers have been brilliantly illustrated by randfish on SeoMoz, and whatever level of expertise you possess in SEO and internet marketing, this should be…

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