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Google co-founder claims Facebook “greatest threat” to web freedom

Forget the outcry about SOPA – one of Google’s co-founders claims Facebook, not political meddling, is the “greatest threat” to internet freedom. When the US congress began looking at SOPA – the Stop Online Piracy Act – the world-wide web went ballistic: claiming the act was so loosely worded, it could lead to political infringement […]

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Internet goes dark for a day

Not the whole Internet, but a substantial proportion of sites, large and small, have temporarily shut their doors today, 18th January 2012, in protest against the proposed SOPA law currently before Congress in the USA. The general feeling is that SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), and its near relation PIPA (Protect IP Act), are less…

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Counterfeit product websites seized in Chanel ruling

In a landmark case, a judge in USA has allowed the seizure of nearly 700 domain names selling Chanel products, enforced the transfer all the domain names to GoDaddy with a redirection to a notice about seizure, and Google have been asked to “de-index” the sites. All the sites were allegedly selling counterfeit Chanel goods,…

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