Social Media Marketing - Tips and TricksTwitter has allowed Disney/Pixar to be first into the revenue fold with a promoted trend, and you can find out more in the Twitter help section on what this all means for the future.

Will it work? Hmmm, hard to say, but what it means is that of the top 10 trends, one or more can be a paid for ad. Twitter has said that this can only be achieved if the topic is already actively being discussed on Twitter, viz Toy Story 3 being permitted.

More and more people seem to have completely overlooked Twitter in their online marketing strategy but if Twitter is to be around for some time then it needs to raise revenue, and it is routes to revenue such as these that may ensure its longevity. If you are one of those corporate types who think Twitter is of no use for marketing, it may be time to check it out before your competitors have left you a long way behind. After all, it is surprisingly easy to become a trending topic on Twitter if you organise an event which is well attended (virtually or in real life) by active Twitter users, launch a global product, upset a large number of people (think BP), or capture an audience during a quiet news period.

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