Internet users in the US do not want their government to intervene in internet marketing services by imposing regulations on search engines, a new survey has found.

A Rasmussen Reports study revealed that 77 per cent of adults in the country believe there is no need for regulation of the way in which companies such as Google and Yahoo! select their query results, with more frequent users less likely to believe new rules are necessary.

While some respondents felt that search engines displayed a bias when returning results, only 21 per cent thought the Federal Communications Commission should step in to monitor activities in the same way as it does for radio and television.

Many people worry that such a move could be used to further a political agenda, the pollsters stated.

The study also found that the biggest problem most individuals face when using a search engine is the return of too much irrelevant data, which was the biggest issue for 70 per cent of adults.

According to web monitoring service comScore, users in the US conducted nearly 17.8 billion searches in November.

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