As Twitter and other social media tools are adopted en masse by those in the Web PR field, and keeping in touch with all that is happening with live PR campaigns becomes ever more important as the mainstream media begins to perish, MyPRGenie has launched a free white paper entitled PR 3.0: The new Public Relations Toolkit

This white paper covers the growing problems within mainstream media and how they will begin to affect those involved in traditional PR – adopt the web or die is a key message! It looks at PR 2.0 and the tools that have been used over the last 2-3 years to adapt to the ever-changing media world, as well as making some intelligent guesses at what will be required for both journalists and PR agencies in the months and years to come.

In order to survive the changes in the media world, many will need to completely change the way they work, accepting that those big breaks of front page and major news stories in the print press will become less frequent, and that the news consumer is now seeking their news fix online.

Keeping in contact with those who will break stories is going to become vital and phone calls and even e-mails are so last century. Maintaining a current database of contacts will mean understanding where to make real-time contact and monitoring what tools and applications – Twitter, facebook, etc – are the ones of choice for each of your contacts.

In order to be heard, PR agencies are going to need to be on top of all that is going on online, with stories reaching the widest number of eyeballs by ensuring that press releases and so on are distributed through the most effective mechanisms, and that will no longer be just your standard press releases distributors.

As a free white paper, this is worth a read to absorb some of what is written between the lines and the thoughts that will engender for your agency in future.

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