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We can help you craft a website that engages your target audience while remaining on-brand and in line with your corporate guidelines. Our team of experienced web designers are experts at creating websites that have been designed with user experience at the heart, driving conversions through thoughtful design and optimised content.

What is Web Design?

Design is something a lot of people can fall out about. It is fundamental to the web development process and we at ClickThrough care very much about it. However, a clear definition of what design actually is, is a hard thing to come by.
To us, design is about:

  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Effective communication

Traditionally, clients would come to us with a set of brand guidelines, an existing site and some printed materials or other digital communication. From this, a web design would be expected. Ultimately, we would be reliant on the highest paid person’s opinion (HIPPO). This is still commonplace, but it is a mistake. See our blog post on Test, Evolve and Stop Listening to Hippos to find out why.

The internet has evolved into a powerful, business communication and transactional tool. During the evolution, standardisation has occurred. Modern website design has been shaped by the user, and in turn this has shaped the user expectation of what a website should look like, how it should read and how intuitive it should be to navigate. There are standards that every website should adhere to, such as:

  • Top navigation
  • Telephone number
  • Burger menu on mobile sites (the three stripes)
  • An introductory hero image or slider

When we undertake a web design project we are mindful of all of these things. However, there are many other things we have to take into consideration.

Our Web Design Process

Design is critical to any web build project, but so too are planning, scoping and research. Our unique 35-step web build approach means that we take everything into consideration to build a well-rounded website that works for you and your users.

35 step web dev process

Once we are satisfied that we are aware of any challenges that may lie ahead, we can start to design your site. Our 10-point web design process includes:

Client briefing: You tell us what you need. We listen.

Proposal and budgets: We show you what we can do based on your budget, your vision and your KPIs.

Keyword ROI: We create our unique Keyword ROI database, which ties all keywords to potential conversions and ROI.

Conversion rate optimisation: We ensure the structure and layout of your site has conversion at its core. This will include A/B testing and website usability testing.

Content planning: We draft engaging, user-focussed content that supports the chosen keywords and conversion plans.

Look and feel: We develop wireframes and mock-up designs; you tell us what you like.

Site development: Once we’ve agreed on a site that works, we build it.

Testing: We ensure everything works as it should, so there are no problems when it comes to launch day.

Rollout: We handle the site launch to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Ongoing support: Once the site is up, we don’t stop working. If you have any questions about the site we’ve built, we’re happy to answer them for you.

User Focussed Website Design

In order to gain a better understanding of your target market, we may conduct buyer persona analysis, competitor audit benchmarking, or conversion planning so that we can consider and prioritise what you expect from your users.

Before we begin on your website design, we like to install tracking scripts to see how your users interact with your current site. We look at your traffic and make judgements based upon their current behaviour on your site. All this informs our design process and allows us to consider the psychology of your users.

Essentially, our aim is to define what it is you want users to do on your site. An e-commerce website design will differ from a lead generation site, as each will have different usability issues.

Over the years, we have developed a number of best practice rules and guidelines to influence user behaviour and maximise touchpoints, such as telephone calls, form fills, additions to basket, and checkout. The end result of your new web design should be beautiful, but there are occasions where there are strong reasons for a particular look or feel which is more successful in generating revenue than if aesthetics alone had been the main influence.

In order to maximise the success of a new website design, the most important thing is that the target audience like it and feel compelled to use it. This sometimes makes for difficult conversations with key stakeholders in the project, but we are not afraid to have these as we strongly believe that users know best.

• Find out more. Read our Conversion Optimisation and Website Usability Testing pages.

Evolutionary Website Design

At ClickThrough, we advocate an evolutionary, conversion-led web design process. We offer a responsive web design approach, which means that we can build your site so that its look and feel differs across various devices to accommodate the way usability changes from one device to another.

There have been numerous occasions where large companies with millions of users have spent fortunes on new versions of their site, only to find customers do not adapt well to the change or, in some cases, actively dislike the new site.

The easiest way to avoid this is to test. As your web design company, we will work on soft launches of part or all of your site, conducting flash testing or inviting customers to try new versions before making the switch. During this process, we gather vital feedback to polish the new version and ensure user satisfaction. As such, it is not unusual for the final, live site to look quite different from the original website design ideas.

Your beautiful website is now live. So what happens next? Our evolutionary approach means that we now enter into a cycle of testing and refinement, constantly enhancing your site to drive conversions.

The internet is constantly evolving. As such, your website needs to constantly evolve too.

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