The spread of smartphones has made mobile marketing a viable option for brands but now it is here, what should companies do with it?

In a column for Search Engine Watch, Parks Blackwell said for many, the impact of mobile on internet marketing services remains unclear because they still do not know if consumers will interact with it in the same way as they do with the web.

Search volumes are still relatively low and there is no exact way to measure its effect on revenue, she added.

Nevertheless, Ms Blackwell said there could be "massive benefits" for early adopters, as engines are looking for feedback and therefore more likely to act on their suggestions.

Furthermore, they will be ahead of the competition because they "understand the space" and can drive their brand forward as a leader in the field.

"Take advantage of the opportunities while they still exist and leave the major overarching analysis for a later date," she commented.

Google’s pay per click marketing service AdWords recently unveiled a new feature that allows marketers to specifically target their ads at users of mobile devices with internet browsers.

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