5 Amazon Selling Strategy Tips for the Holidays

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Head of Digital Paid Media, Sarah, details her top tips for a successful Amazon strategy this festive season.

Black Friday may have taken up most of your time and resource over the last few months, but there’s still plenty of work to be done with your Amazon selling strategy at this time of year.

Supercharging your sales over the festive period can be challenging, but massively rewarding. I’ve collated my top five tips for successful Amazon selling during the holidays below…


1. Prepare and Learn!


If you’re left wondering what to test and how to gather insights, you could try testing more automated campaigns and broader terms, which can help drive new users to your Amazon store.

You should turn on auto campaigns to learn more about the keywords that matter most. Which terms drive the most engagement and conversion during this time of year? What terms give us the best insights into user intent? With this information, you can increase your chances of sales during the festive period.


2. Brand Awareness


Leverage Amazon Sponsored Brands to promote your message. It’s important to showcase your brand’s culture and personality in general, but during this time of year it can be the difference between a sale and a loss to a competitor. You can test your Amazon Sponsored Brands with high-potential ASINs (top sellers, Buy Box Win rate, high conversion rate products).


3. Portfolio Testing

Could you group your campaigns more effectively? Have a think. Maybe you could group your Deals, High Converters and High/Low AOV products into individual portfolios? You could do this and test budgets, shifting between different campaign types or ASINs.


4. Brand Bidding


This is crucial during this time of year. After spending time building awareness in the lead up to your sales you are likely to see an increase in brand-related searches. You need to focus on protecting your brand.

So… make sure your brand is there when a user searches! Keep branded keywords in your account to maintain your visibility against competition.


5. Cross-Sell Ops


Don’t just forget about customers once the Black Friday season ends. You need to spend time identifying cross-sell opportunities for people who didn’t buy, and target them during Christmas sales! Remember last delivery dates and other key information when putting this mini strategy together.

Make sure you run through your list of top tips and best practice when executing your Amazon selling strategy. Black Friday and Christmas are peak sales periods that require extra time, attention and detail, so don’t sell yourself short with poor preparation and mistakes.

If you’d like to discuss your Amazon selling strategy in depth, or you need some quick advice and guidance, get in touch with our experts.

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