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Android Users Benefit from Google’s Touch to Search

Written by Sarah McCay Tams | 05 Jun 2015

Android users are reportedly seeing a new search feature on their mobile devices, following a server-side update from Google. Touch to Search enables users to tap on a phrase to then bring up a Google search response.

Users with the latest version of Chrome on their Android device can now opt-in to this feature. However, switching your default search engine on Android to Bing will disable the feature.

Touch to Search will show search results and Google Answer results based on the phrase tapped on.

Touch to Search is similar to the Now on Tap extended version of Google Now launched at I/O last month. While both enable mobile users to use highlighted text to initiate a search, Touch to Search is only available through the latest version of Chrome while Now on Tap will function system wide, through apps and mobile browsers.

To check if you have Touch to Search enabled on your device simple highlight some text on a website in Chrome to see if the new interface shows up.