AOL Search Now Powered By Bing

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Bing now powers AOL’s entire search offering, including web, mobile and tablet search, providing paid search ads and organic search results to AOL on a worldwide scale. With Bing Ads now available across AOL search traffic worldwide, marketers can extend their reach further.

Referencing comScore, Microsoft stated:

“1 in 5 searches happen on, and by providing Bing search results for the number 3 (Yahoo) and 5 (AOL) search providers in the US, Bing powers close to one-third of US PC web searches.”

Search Engine Market Share

Currently, most of Bing’s search volume is via desktop, and in April 2015, Bing reached 20% of the market share on PC. Its market share now stands at 21%.

With Yahoo and AOL combined, Bing will now hold a market share of approximately 34% of organic search results while Google holds around two-thirds of the market share.

comscore data table

Bing and Yahoo agreed on a deal in April 2015, which outlined that 51% of Yahoo search results must carry Bing Ads on desktop.

With the reach of Bing Search growing and the use of the Bing Ads platform, marketers now have the opportunity to connect with more people on the AOL network.

However, Google still dominates on mobile with 90% of the market share.

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