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Paid Search Executive

Job Overview

Job Title: Paid Search Executive Salary: £15k - £20k depending on experience & ability

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How to SEO: Three Search Types to Ensure You Optimise For

User search types can be grouped into three different categories: informational, transactional and...

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How to PPC: Six Potential Causes of a High Bounce Rate

If your Analytics are regularly showing a higher than average bounce rate for one or more of your...

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Marissa Mayer quits Google to join Yahoo! as chief executive

Marissa Mayer, one of Google's longest-serving employees, has joined rival Yahoo! as their new...

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How to SEO: The Benefits of QR Codes

When QR codes first appeared, there were many sceptics who dismissed them as a fad, and claimed...

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How to PPC: Perfect Landing Pages

Many online businesses are still using their website home page as a landing page, but it has been...

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How to PPC: Using Campaign Tagging for Offline Marketing Projects

A lot of webmasters are unaware that Google Analytics can be used to track the success of offline...

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