Are Video Ads in Google’s Search Results the Future?

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Video content could soon be making an appearance in search ads, according to a recent blog post on Search Engine Land.

Earlier this year, it was reported that YouTube’s TrueView ads were not making Google as much money as previously thought. Video ads have undoubtedly increased in popularity, but the cost-per-click for each ad is currently very low.

However, Google could be working on a better way of monetising these ads – by pushing video ads into SERPs.

Bing: Ahead of the Rest?

Rumour has it that Google has been running tests on video ads for the past few months, but nothing is set in stone just yet. In fact, there’s been more solid evidence to suggest that Bing is ahead of the game, as they have been testing small thumbnails within SERPs, that when clicked on, play the corresponding video ad.

Much like rich snippet information, video ads within search results have the potential to lead to a better click through rate and to users spending more time on the site. And the fact is that video can create better brand awareness. Google revealed that 65% of TrueView adverts saw an average of 13% improvement in brand interest.

How Does this Affect AdWords?

Google has officially announced that TrueView ads will now be integrated into the main AdWords interface, making it a more fluid and intuitive part of the entire system. The main change being made is what was once a part of “targeting groups” is now known as “ad groups”, giving video ads the same kind of structure as all campaigns you may have set up across AdWords.

Of course, with video there is the issue of whether your brand has the budget to compete. However, it seems that Google and Bing are shifting towards making video ads a more integrated part of other campaigns, so we could be seeing, in the not too distant future, search results with more creative led campaigns.

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