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BidCops PPC Digest - Handy AdWords Scripts and PPC Tips for 2015

Written by ClickThrough Marketing | 10 Feb 2015

BidCops is our free PPC auditing tool, which helps you save time and money using Adwords. Here are the latest happenings over at the BidCops blog...

What if you could make your campaigns respond to the weather?

It’s easy, with a bit of JavaScript. Check out Alison Booth’s post on AdWords Scripts for PPC campaign optimisation to find out how to adjust your bids if the weather acts up.

You’ll also discover how to automatically pause text ads for out-of-stock items, adjust campaign budgets based on predicted performance, and more.

Now that the post-Christmas rush has been and gone, it’s the perfect time to review your PPC performance. In our next featured post, we recommend nine ways to revitalise your PPC campaigns in 2015. Happy auditing!

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