Bing Ads Introduces Remarketing For Shopping and Search

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Bing has announced that Bing Ads remarketing is now available in both shopping and search results, helping advertisers to successfully retarget users who have already visited a brand’s site.

The launch of remarketing for Bing Ads was previously discussed as part of the launch of Universal Event Tracking (UET). Intended to help advertisers better understand the performance of ads, UET has replaced the Campaign Analytics conversion tracking function. Now the UET tool has been modified for better functionality in line with the launch of retargeting within Bing Ads.

The launch of retargeting in Bing Ads will allow advertisers to target users in Bing and Yahoo search results if they have already visited your website. Although similar to RLSA in Google Adwords, this retargeting tool will also extend to ads in Shopping results as well.

How Does Remarketing Work?

To take advantage of Bing Ads remarketing, UET tags should be set up on your site, enabling advertisers to glean information on how their site is being used. As soon as this has been added, remarketing lists can be created within the Audience section of your Bing account. You can then set up your audiences and the product and keywords you wish to target in your remarketing, and set bid adjustments according to your budget and campaign.

Within the UET tool you can also monitor impressions, clicks and spend, as well as view a new Audience Performance report, helping advertisers to specifically target users depending on how they have historically used a website. It is required that remarketing lists include a minimum of 1000 users before campaigns are applied.

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