Bing Ads Pilots App Install Ads in the US

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Bing Ads has launched a pilot test for a newly designed ad feature, called App Install Ads.

On 10 November 2016, Bing Ads started piloting their new App Install Ads. This new feature brings an app install box to adverts within the Bing search result snippets. Bing says that the reason behind this new advert format is to cut out the customer’s navigation process through a website to an application, and instead direct them to it instantly.

Using App Install Ads gets app customers to your app store directly, eliminating the extra time, navigation, and clicks they would otherwise need to take from your website.

Akshaya Pragadeeshram, Bing.

Bing’s new App Install Ads use smart targeting, which automatically detects what device and operating system users are visiting from. This means that the app install button within the new Bing adverts will send users to the suitable app store – whether it’s the Apple store, or Google Play store.

With the pilot version of App Install Ads, Bing has allowed for conversion tracking supported through partners: Kochava, Tune, Appsflyer and Apsalar. This gives advertisers the ability to check the effectiveness of their adverts, and see how many users they convert with their App Install Ads.

Within the announcement blog post, Bing offered information on what advertisers need to know about the new ad format.

  • No support for Windows or Windows phones – only Google and Apple apps.
  • Available only to users with upgraded URLs.
  • Ads have no display URL, as they lead straight to app store download pages.
  • App Install Ads are available for bulk upload or in API, not BAE.

Bing Ads’ new App Install Ads are currently being trialled. They’ve been initially rolled out to advertisers in the US, and when enough feedback has been returned, Bing will begin to work on “fine tuning the experience for the next couple of months.”

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