Bing confirms two significant improvements to its search offering

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Bing has announced it has made a couple of tweaks to improve its search offering.

Senior program manager lead, Dan Marantz, confirmed the two improvements on the Bing Search Blog.

The main change is to the firm's autosuggest feature, introducing what Bing is calling Autosuggest Ghosting: This aims at improving a users search experience by completing the query when Bing believes it is truly 'confident' on what the user is looking for.

Discussing the logic behind the latest changes, Bing said it looked at two major themes related to the pattern and behaviour of people when using search. They were, the desire to navigate to a specific website and the quest to re-find a site previously visited. Simplified by Bing down to navigation and search history.

Briefly discussing the history of autosuggest algorithms and the complexities of designing an offering which provides both simplicity and intuitiveness, the firm then took the opportunity to once again take a dig at rival Google, stating on the blog: "Google's model complicates this by not being clear about what happens when you hit enter to submit the query."

Bing previously launched an online PR campaign against its rival at Christmas, warning Google Shopping search service users of the risk of getting 'Scroogled'. Earlier this month, Microsoft also targeted Gmail whilst promoting its own Outlook email offering.

Bing claims its own offering is now faster and more accurate than before.

The statement concluded: "When we released Autosuggest Ghosting to a sample set of users, we saw a marked improvement in people's ability to get to their results faster and with greater confidence."

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