Bing Improves Bing Maps Preview with Search a new Focus

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Bing has made search a focus for its new Bing Maps Preview, the search engine announced at the end of last week.

Bing Maps Preview will now offer a single search box – rather than the previous two search boxes for ‘what’ and ‘where’ - complete with auto-suggest. The function is designed to provide search results for businesses, places or attractions, which are also shown as points on the map.

Bing Maps Preview will show up to 20 matching results as points on the map. Clicking or tapping on them will display further details.

Bing Maps Preview place points

Search quality has also been improved, Bing says, with Bing Maps Preview, Windows 10 Maps app and all using the same search engine. Also, if you search for a place on and navigate to Bing Maps Preview the same place will show up in both.

Search is also now used to find waypoints in getting directions in Bing Maps Preview, with directions available for various forms of transport and traffic updates also offered. Preview also enables users to search for things of interest along the route, such as restaurants and petrol stations.

Bing Maps Preview route finder

Bing Maps Preview is currently available in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Africa, with more markets coming online soon.

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