Bing Updates Snapshot Search To Feature 150m New Entities

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Bing has announced that its updated the Snapshot feature displayed in its SERPs (search engine results pages).

The update has added 150 million new entities to the feature, including lawyers, dentists, doctors, real estate properties, in addition to celebrities.

Similar to the Google Knowledge Graph, which collects information on notable public figures that searchers might find useful, Bing Snapshot, with this update, will provide contact information and details about experience, education and specialist fields for medical and legal professionals.

Prospective property buyers will also be able to garner similar levels of information by searching for an address.

Microsoft has stressed that the information will allow searchers to take a greater amount of action.

Commenting, and taking a swipe at its rivals, in a blog post, Microsoft  stated: "And unlike other search providers, we let you do something with that information. We strive to provide more insights about entities to our users. For example, if you search for Winston Churchill, we show you comprehensive details about him such as birth and death dates, height and pivotal moments in his life, and can connect you to his written work.

"But, we also let you play audio clips of his most famous speeches directly from the search results page. Similarly when you search for Princeton University, we provide online courses so you can take classes online."

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