Bloggers more important than ever for PR professionals

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Most PR professionals use blogging as part of their internet marketing strategy, according to research conducted by DWPub.

The study found that a massive 98 per cent find them "useful or invaluable", and 82 per cent are actively working with bloggers to develop an effective online marketing programme.

74 per cent, meanwhile, felt that interaction with bloggers was becoming more commonplace within the PR sector.

The results were collated from a survey of 252 PR professionals, conducted earlier this month.

Daryl Wilcox, chairman and founder of DWPub, called the results "overwhelming positive."

He added: "Bloggers are here to stay and the PR industry is beginning to embrace them. Bloggers need to be approached in a different way to journalists."

The results reflect Wilcox's statement, with more than two thirds of PR professionals stating that they use a dedicated approach when working with bloggers - with three quarters of these saying that they use a more informal tone in comparison to their dealings with journalists.

Importance is measured through the number of comments and followers that a blog has - as well as its presence on social media sites - with nearly half of all respondents stating that they looked at these as a primary indicator.

In contrast, results are primarily measured by looking at the number of views that a post has, while just nine per cent of respondents believe that the best way to measure results is to look at the number of comments on a post.

Around one in five PR professionals have decided not to use bloggers. 54 per cent of this group said that they didn't use bloggers because they found their usefulness difficult to evaluate.

Overall, however, the results should not cause too much worry for those that write blogs professionally.

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