British Airways uses Google+ and Facebook to unveil new 2012 Olympics ad

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British Airways has utilised a number of social media platforms to unveil its London 2012 Olympics advert, according to an article published by Marketing Week.

Entitled 'The Race', the 60-second advert debuted on the airline's Facebook page yesterday; it was then made available on Google+ - a platform expected to become hugely popular amongst social media marketing professionals - shortly after.

The light-hearted advert features British Airways staff and follows a young girl as she eagerly awaits her British bag, as it races against luggage from rival nations to make it first to the baggage collection hall.

Other parts of British Airways London 2012 Olympics campaign include a print advert, emphasising the fact that the airline's cabin crew will serve passengers with enough tea to fill three Olympic-sized swimming pools this year alone, while another ad will feature a gold medal with the tags "To Fly. To Serve" and "2012. We're Ready."

'The Race' is set to make its TV debut tonight (February 10) during Coronation Street on ITV.

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