ClickThrough makes a splash at Christmas bash

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We've always done things a little differently here at ClickThrough Marketing.

Most companies settle for a hotel bar and half a dozen outdated dance moves to celebrate the festive season, but we knew that something crucial was missing in the tried-and-tested Christmas party formula. We just didn’t quite know what.

Then it hit us – the problem with most Christmas parties is that they don’t involve gigantic waterslides.

So we promptly booked our places at Alton Towers Splash Landings Hotel to crown off a successful year in a wonderfully wet and wild way.

Upon arrival, we quickly changed into our swimming gear, stopped briefly to appreciate the sea-themed details (the lifts even played the sailors hornpipe!) and embarked en-masse to the colossal water park.

Highlights included a gigantic bucket that gradually filled with water before spilling its contents on the soggy revellers below, and an outdoor hot tub where we could chill out after working up a sweat on the water slides.

And on the subject of water slides – nothing could have prepared us for the jaw-dropping intensity of the Master Blaster.

In fact, it feels incongruous to even refer to the Master Blaster as a water slide. It’s more of a terrifying aquatic rollercoaster, where seats, safety harnesses and the concept of ‘sensible’ are replaced with water, water, and lots more water.

It’s unsurprising that some of us avoided it altogether, opting for the relaxing environment of the hotel spa instead.

After drying off, we dressed up in our best smart-casuals, and headed over to the nearby Alton Towers Hotel for dinner and drinks.

We pulled crackers, gorged on festive food, and toasted our successful 2012 – before heading to the dance floor to boogie ourselves to bed.

A fantastic night was had by all, and as we packed up our towels and trunks the following morning, a question hung in the air:

How on earth are we going to top this next year?

We don't know how yet, but we will.

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