ClickThrough Marketing content team welcomes Martin Boonham

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ClickThrough Marketing online copywriter Martin Boonham – one of our newest recruits –takes a few minutes to share his feelings about his role, his proudest moment, and desert island survival techniques.

Who are you?  Martin Boonham, online content writer at ClickThrough Marketing. I’m affectionately known as ‘Boon’ by just about everyone.

When did you start at ClickThrough? – Monday, October 22.

What does your role at ClickThrough involve? – I create engaging, persuasive content for our clients, and for my own sense of satisfaction. This involves writing blogs, news pieces, on-page content, linkbuilding articles – the whole nine yards.

What’s your background? – I dabbled in teaching History at first in the UK to 14 to 16 year olds, which was great fun as you can imagine. I then escaped abroad to Korea to teach English to a more receptive audience, namely business types and uni students, before finally deciding to go down the journalism route and do an MA in print journalism.

With your journalistic background, why did you decide to go into online copywriting? – I was won over by Ali, our content manager, and his constant insistence that I should come to the dark side. Just kidding. In truth, I had done a lot of web based stories and content through other voluntary positions, and had developed a taste for the online world. Knowing that for a journalist, online writing skills are now essential, I have embraced the opportunity to put my skills into practice in a very new environment.

How have you found ClickThrough so far? – So far my time at ClickThrough has been a constant barrage of information, facts, figures and plenty more information. It has been an interesting experience and it’s definitely kept me on my toes, all I need to do now is let the information all soak in so I’m ready to conquer the world.

What skills and experiences have you brought to the role? – I spent more than a year working on a volunteer basis at the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust where I was its onsite journalist/communications assistant. I had the job of writing articles and press releases for them on a variety of wild topics.

I have also had the pleasure of working on websites for other charities, a start-up gaming website, and my own blog, which I used to describe how, as an Englishman in Suwon, Korea, I coped with my new surroundings.

Whilst out in Korea I spent my time teaching a wide variety of students – from university undergraduates to staff members of technology firms. I was often plied with food and drink outside of teaching hours for extra English sessions, but as the food was so good I couldn’t say no! (Note:  I do not condone the use of food as a form of bribery.)

What’s your proudest moment? – Strangely, despite my grand old age of 29, I find myself struggling to pinpoint a particular career-defining moment. My travels, trials and tribulations have led me on so many adventures that it’s difficult to focus on the details. I guess so far a piece I did for university is my favourite moment, as I interviewed quite a few people and really enjoyed the project.

If you were forced to spend the rest of your life on a desert island, and the only luxuries your captors allowed you to bring were a book, an album, and three items, what would they be? – Having seen the likes of Castaway, I really don’t think I’d be content to sit around filling my time engaging in banal conversations with a volleyball, although I could live with having a huge bushy beard.  Let’s think about it practically – what good is a luxury item if I’d end up drinking sea water and dying of thirst? I’d have to have some kind of water purifier at the top of my list; incidentally, rock and roll is my middle name. Then I’d have to have some kind of handheld games console preloaded with enough games to keep me occupied. And, erm… maybe a flare gun so if I ever got bored of isolation I could always signal for help?

With just one book I’d have to be careful as taking the first book in a series would drive me insane knowing I could never finish it. So I’d opt for something like a Stephen King book.  The Shining, is pretty long, and that new documentary has put some pretty crazy theories out there that I’d love to investigate.

Music-wise, I would have to say something from the Foo Fighters. Either There is Nothing Left to Lose, as I could visualise some of the videos from that to kill a bit of time (they’re pretty hilarious), or maybe One by One, as I quite like the songs. And they can keep me covered whatever my mood.

How would you spend a perfect weekend? – I'm a lounger not a walker, so the perfect weekend for me would be a mixture of a beach, football, video games and cocktails…

Finally, where do you see yourself in seven years? – I envision myself to be a well-established content writer enjoying life.

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