ClickThrough Marketing Does the Harlem Shake… For Red Nose Day!

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Yes, we’ve gone and done it. We’ve braved bone-shaking bass, dusted off our grooviest moves, and created our own version of the Harlem Shake viral video.

But we’re not embarrassing ourselves pointlessly. No, we’re letting you see us in dance-like-nobody’s-watching-and-then-dance-some-more mode because we’re hoping to raise some cash for Comic Relief.

We’ve already helped the charity with its digital marketing campaign this year, and it’s a cause that’s very close to our hearts. So when one of our SEO staff suggested doing a ClickThrough Harlem Shake video, it made perfect sense to theme it around Red Nose Day.

So watch the video below, have a few laughs at our expense, and then visit the Comic Relief donation page to pledge some cash.

If our office dancing antics can raise a little money to help poor and disadvantaged people around the world, we’ll be more than happy.

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