ClickThrough Team Gets In a Topspin for Sport Relief

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Lobs, drop shots, chops and loops will ring out across the ClickThrough offices on 10 March when all team members take part in our 10-hour table tennis challenge for Sport Relief. Donate to our Just Giving fundraising page today.

The team at ClickThrough are preparing to flex their muscles and invest in a few backhands this week as we get set to take on a 10-hour table tennis challenge for Sport Relief.

The action will kick off at 8am on Thursday, 10 March 2016, with teams playing on rotation for 10 hours, until the final volley at 6pm.

Fifteen teams of two will take part in the challenge to keep the ball moving, as we practice our blocks, lobs, sidespins and smashes to raise funds for this great charity.

Our ping pong enthusiasts are warming up in readiness to take to the table. But why did we choose table tennis? Well, in true democratic form we called on all team members to put forward their suggestions for the event – Human Hungry Hippos was a serious contender!

Hungry Hippos

It’s not all sport though – we will be having a refreshments sale – cakes, pink lemonade, tea and coffee will be available, so if you are local to Lichfield pop in and cheer us along.

Please contribute to our fundraising efforts and help us reach a grand slam. You can donate online at

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