Commonly made errors by social media marketers

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In 2012, the majority of big companies operate, or have at least dabbled with, social media marketing campaigns on a regular basis; despite this many still struggle to get a ROI (return on investment), according to Kritsta Neher, writing for ClickZ.

As a relatively new marketing platform, mistakes are, and will continue, to be made on social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and now, Google+.

Neher has created a list of common errors made by businesses when conducting social media marketing campaigns; here are just a few of them:

Too much focus on fans/friends/followers - By and large people determine the success of their social media marketing campaigns based on how many fans/friends/followers they've gained - this shouldn't be the case.

A recent study, conducted by PageLever, revealed that just 3 to 7.5 per cent of fans of a business' Facebook page see the posts produced. Instead of obsessing over fans/friends/followers, look to produce the highest quality content you can - this will get more people reading what you produce and improve your ROI.

Not knowing how to respond to questions posed by fans - People who take notice of your social media presence do so for a reason - they expect your business to communicate and provide regular updates. Be prepared to answer the questions and queries posed by those who take the time to follow or like you.

A non-response won't do your reputation any good. To prepare Neher recommends: "Make a list of the top ten questions you're asked on the phone. Also make a list of the top ten PR crises that you have had in the past five years. Be prepared to handle these on social networks."

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