Countdown to Android M – But will it be Maltesers, Mars or Marshmallow?

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Ever concerned with the latest technological developments, the team at ClickThrough are pondering an important question right now. What sweet will the next Android mobile OS be named after?

Due for release later this year, Android M will bring a host of new features to mobiles using the OS, including increased battery life and USB-C. Among the hundreds of updates and improvements will also be an ApplePay rival, enhanced app permissions and fingerprint payment support. Not to mention a new voice-activated personal assistant to rival Apple’s Siri.

However, technology experts the world over are taking sweeping guesses as to what will follow Jelly Bean, KitKat and Lollipop. We know it will, most likely, be sweet related. In a Digital Spy sweepstake Marshmallow is leading the way, followed by Milkshare and Meringue. I’m going to go with Maltesers, but what do you think? Get on-board and join this hot-chocolatey contested debate. Tweet us @ClickThrough #AndroidM


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